Sledgers are proud to have been making men’s shoes in Europe since 1921. We know that when it comes to the right fit, comfort is key. Your shoe size is like your fingerprint - unique to the individual. This is why we offer three handmade width fittings - Standard, Wide and Extra Wide, so you can find your perfect fit.

All our shoes promote natural movement and alignment, reducing pressure points and encouraging correct spread of the foot.


Our standard fit should fit most people. However, if your big toe joint/small toes begin to feel pinched or ache, then you may need to try a wider fit. Comparable  to an "F" Fitting.


A wider shoe for a natural fit. Sledgers shoes allow feet to breathe and move with the optimum amount of space. These shoes allow for better air circulation around your feet and some wiggle room for your toes. Comparable  to a "G" Fitting.


Give your feet room to breathe. A roomy, generous fit. Our Extra Wide last supports foot health and ensures a supremely comfortable fit. Comparable  to an "H" Fitting.

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