Sledgers have been producing quality handmade leather shoes for nearly 100 years and even though our brand may be steeped in tradition we are continually incorporating new technologies into our footwear. Some traditions will never change – our shoes will always be made by hand, in Europe and we will only ever use premium quality leathers and nubucks but the Sledgers brand promises COMFORT as well as quality and style and this is where we utilise our own trademarked technologies - as well as other leading orthotics brands - to bring you ultimate footwear comfort.

The icons below represent the different technologies and attributes we offer across the range. You will find these icons on the product page of each shoe that we sell.

Comfort. Quality. Style. Sledgers’ promise to you.

Soft and supple, full grain, leather uppers.

Ultra light, flexible and durable outsoles.

Designed in London and handmade in Europe.

Sledgers’ trademarked flexible sole technology for a supple, comfortable shoe.

Durable insoles with superior comfort, cushioning and breathability.

Standard Fit, Wide Fit or Extra Wide Fit.

Anti-microbial, 100% breathable, microfibre lining for total dryness inside the shoe.

Sledgers’ trademarked shock absorbing, cushioned insoles engineered to perfectly support the foot.
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